Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Newnham Library Printers' Marks

Today I uploaded a post on the Newnham Library special collections blog, Back from the Stacks. Previous trainees started it up a few years back but I had yet to contribute to it.

I'd already done a bit of research on this subject for when I was showing the other Cambridge trainees around the library, so I wrote a blog post on the ceilings in our old library. It was really interesting to research the history of the very first European printing houses!

Henry Yates Thompson - after whom the original library was named - was a keen collector of manuscripts and incunabula, and his love of early modern printed texts is reflected on the ceiling of the Yates Thompson library, where there are 13 printers' marks, cast in plaster.

Don't know what a printer's mark is? Read the full blogpost on Back from the Stacks and find out, by clicking on the very happy smiley face! :D 

I decided to write it in two parts, so this covers the first 5 printers' marks, and some history of the library. I hope you enjoy!

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