Sunday, 20 October 2013

Things to come

I've been thinking over the weekend of different topics to blog about. The list is currently quite extensive! Top of the list at the moment is applying to library schools... two of the other Cambridge trainees and I met at Costa on Saturday, to talk about the different courses on offer at various institutions. The deadlines begin in December so that's definitely high on my list of priorities. I'll let you know how the process goes!

To-blog list:

  1.  Preparing for library school
  2. Comparing courses... which one is best for me?
  3. The CILIP New Professionals Day that I attended a few weeks ago
  4. Media Librarianship (one of the talks I went to)
  5. E-resources and digital services
  6. Cambridge Library Group events... and being on the committee!
  7. What is a librarian?
  8. Tackling misconceptions
  9. Book displays I'm working on
  10. Newnham College Library Tour
  11. CATALOG - the Cambridge Trainee Blog
  12. Training courses I've been on - AACR2, MARC 21, RDA, Voyager and more to come...
  13. Man Booker prize and encouraging reading for leisure
  14. Kindles and ebooks
  15. A bibliography resource hand-out I've been trialing in our library
  16. The benefits of social networking (looking particularly at the Judge Business School)
  17. Book of the month - both fiction and professional
  18. Library visits throughout the year
  19. Librarians in fiction
  20. Staff room cake of the month...
  21. The "Library Shaming" Tumblr
  22. Libraries and bookshops... what makes them so nice?
  23. The CILIP name change - necessary or not?
  24. Blog of the month (and featured blogs)
  25. Thinking outside the box: information skills and alternative career paths

As you can see... quite a list! I'm starting to read more and more blogs, ranging from fully-fledged professionals and other trainees who, like me, are still flying the nest, and am getting new ideas for topics to cover all the time. 

Meriel xo

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